"Salt & Pepper" - A still life image, modeled and rendered in Maya
"Jessica 03-20-2002" - A single frame from a short run cycle animation test with my female character. I used Maya Cloth for her clothes, and as a control surface for her hair. It bounces along quite nicely. I've decided to call her Jessica.
"Jessica Run Cycle" - This is a Quicktime clip of the run cycle mentioned above. It starts with the simulation run-up then jumps right into a run. Note the hair and the skirt movement.
(2.4 Megs)
"Jessica's Escape" - A final sequence from my in-progress short animation about Jessica's escape from a doomed mining craft.
(5.6 Megs)
These images are a few samples of a library that I am modeling in Maya for use in a CD-ROM presentation for the Interior Design Department at the Art Institute of Portland. The design of the library is the creation of Liza, a senior in the Art Institutes Interior Design program.
Eighteen Quicktime VR's from various locations around the Library mentioned above.
Camera fly-through animation of the Library. It renders fairly quickly considering the number of lights, but it created 3.6 gigs of saved depthmaps!
(2.8 Megs)